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The Magic of Disney

This past November, Clare and our family were whisked away on an amazing trip to Disney World as part of the Make-A-Wish program. It was an amazing experience. Clare loved every minute of meeting the princesses, however, she got sick and we spent one day in the ER and a day or so more recovering.

Clare has asked repeatedly to go back to Disney World. She has said, "I have luggage now, so I would like to go on an airplane to Disney." Which makes perfect sense.

After a bit of thought, we decided it would be a wonderful idea. Our family and friends agreed and even offered to help pay for this trip, which was AMAZING!

The day before we were scheduled to leave, Clare wouldn't walk more than 10-15 steps at home without complaining that her legs hurt. When we arrived at the airport, she wouldn't walk more than 5 steps without asking to be picked up. Can you imagine pulling a carry-on, a backpack, a bag full of chemotherapy meds and a 32 pound toddler? We were sweating before we even arrived to Florida. I was so upset that Clare was having symptoms, but incredibly grateful that we were on our way to a great adventure.

Day 1: We pushed Clare around in the stroller most of the day at Magic Kingdom and she was able to get up and walk around a little to meet princesses and ride Dumbo.

Day 2: Clare walked around more during the day at Hollywood Studios and walked all the way down the hotel hallway to our room.

Day 3: Clare was able to get her hair and nails done and walk to see the princesses nearby. She even walked across Magic Kingdom a little bit with the Fairy Godmother. That night when we got off the elevator at our hotel, she ran to our room at the end of the hallway.

Day 4: Clare walked around Epcot a bit, played with Anna and Elsa and participated in a princess parade. This girl is unstoppable.

I am convinced that the magic of Disney has re-energized our little Clare. By the time we returned home and had an appointment at Cincinnati Children's she was jumping around the treatment room trying to impress her doctors and nurses.

I am so grateful that we were able to make this trip to Disney World. I am so grateful to those who helped make this trip even happen. I am so grateful Clare was able to see all her favorite princesses and characters again. And I am so grateful for Disney's pixie dust that gave our little Magical Miracle a bit more pep in her step.

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