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Maren James

When Clarie was initially diagnosed Chris and I spent weeks in what I am calling a "fog." And we are still in this weird place where I have to tell myself every morning what is happening again because there are still days when I think this is all a bad dream. The only reason we are waking up early every day and keeping a normal routine is because Maren (MJ) needs us to feed her and change her. She was the reason we kept moving on the days immediately following the diagnosis.

In our fog we realized that we didn't bathe Maren in a week. And she is a baby that needs to be bathed frequently. I'll leave it at that so I don't ruin her chances of dating 30 years from now.

Maren learned how to roll over in the midst of our fog. It took us a solid minute to realize she had done so though because Chris and I were in a deep discussion over health insurance coverage.

Maren had her 4 month check-up a couple weeks ago and had to receive four shots. I snuggled her as long as I could in the doctors office, but then had to quickly drop her off at school. It was a port access day so I needed to rush home to put on Clare's numbing cream.

We also got the "OK" to give Maren baby food at that check-up. I celebrated this milestone with Clare and had a little notebook where I would write down what food she tried, her facial expression and rate it on a scale of "5- She LOVES it to 1- NEVER again." Maren has tried bananas, carrots, and sweet potatoes and I know she liked the bananas, but couldn't tell you which of the orange ones she didn't care for.

The good news is that Maren is easy-breezy.

You may have read on the website that we had a 3% chance of conceiving Clare - with fertility treatments. The doctors have no idea how in the world Maren came to be. I am convinced now more than ever that she is here to remind us to keep getting up and moving each day.

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