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Button Buddy

Monday's are hard for everyone. Monday's are particularly hard for Clare because her groovy button needs to be accessed so she can receive her "silly medicine" to be sedated each day for radiation. Everything from the numbing cream, to the extra nurses in the room, to the surgical mask makes her anxious.

A wonderful girl named Katie created a way that has helped to make this process a little easier for Clare. Katie was fighting cancer and developed a friendship with a young girl, also fighting cancer, who was terrified of having her port accessed each week. Katie wanted to find a way to help her young friend not feel as alone, so she created "Katie's Treatment Buddies," as her wish for Make-A-Wish.

A couple weeks ago, Clare received her very own treatment buddy, which we have named her "Button Buddy." Clare pretends to put numbing cream on her Button Buddy, and then cleans the area, attaches a mask, applies to button and "tubeys" to the bear, and then administers the pretend medicine into the Button Buddy.

I am so grateful to Katie who generously spent her WISH on something that has made such a big difference for Clare.

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1 Comment

Jul 23, 2018

So grateful for Katie’s kindness and compassion for her fellow fighters ❤️

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